Top 3 USB-C dongle we recommend (and use ourselves)

Top 3 USB-C dongle we recommend (and use ourselves)

Trust us, we have been testing dozens of different USB-C dongles and our team settled but 3 models that we can’t recommend enough. Indeed, In the past, ports and connections were widely dispersed around the edges of laptops. However, manufacturers have recently made their products even more compact, leaving no place for features like an HDMI output or a full-size USB connector.

1/ U-Green 4K60 USB-C Hub

U-Green 4K60 USB-C Hub

Most of the cheap USB-C dongles can’t output 4K video over HDMI with a correct refresh rate. Most dongles will be limited to 30Hz which is really not great. Any of the following U-Green hubs are handling 4K@60Hz, just be sure to check the “4K60” mention:

  • 7-in-1 HDMI RJ45 Hub with HDMI + USB + Card reader + Power Delivery + RJ45 (Ethernet)
  • 6-in-1 HDMI PD Hub with HDMI + USB + Card reader + Power Delivery (can charge your laptop)
  • 6-in-1 HDMI Hub with HDMI + USB + Card reader
  • 5-in-1 HDMI Hub with HDMI + USB

For under $40, you have a future proof and stable hub! We advise to take at least the 6-in-1 HDMI PD Hub version so you have an power input that can charge your laptop up to 100W.

2/ Lention USB-C Hub with 4K Output

Lention USB-C Hub with 4K Output

If you can’t find the hub above, the Lention is a good option and provides 4K@60Hz as well. A power input and an HDMI 1.2 connector (which supports 4K resolution on an external monitor at 60Hz) are located next to each other, however this power input tops up at 60W only so not quite as powerful as the uGreen one.

3/ Satechi V2

Satechi V2

Satechi’s USB-C hub stands out from the crowd thanks to its neat design and the multitude of available plugs, with a noticeable variety in the ports present. This makes it a versatile solution capable of meeting most needs. What we particularly like about the Satechi USB-C hub is the balance it offers in terms of connection ports. In fact, it has eight outlets that manage to fill most needs. There are three USB-A 3.0 ports, one USB-C port, since the dock occupies the PC one, one HDMI port, one Ethernet port, one SD card slot and one microSD card slot.

However the HDMI adapter is only 4K 30 Hz so even if the built quality is better, it’s only our 3rd choice.


For us, there are two important things to check when choosing a hub:

  • Make sure there is USB-C power input so you can charge your laptop with it, and make sure it can support at least what your laptop needs + 15W, as the hub will also draw power from it. If your laptop needs 45W, choose a hub that supports 60W input.
  • Make sure the HDMI output is 4K 60Hz and not 30Hz, even if you don’t have a 4K screen. At least you future-proof your hub!

And more generally, are some factors to consider when choosing a good USB-C dongle:

  • Compatibility: Make sure that the dongle is compatible with your device and the operating system that you are using. Some dongles may not work with certain devices or operating systems, so it’s important to check compatibility before making a purchase.
  • Portability: Consider the size and portability of the dongle. If you need a dongle that you can easily carry with you, look for a compact and lightweight option.
  • Connectivity options: Consider the types of connectivity options that you need and choose a dongle that offers the ports and features that you require. For example, if you need an HDMI port, make sure that the dongle has an HDMI port.
  • Brand and quality: Choose a reputable brand and check for reviews to ensure that you are getting a high-quality dongle. Poor-quality dongles can be unreliable and may not work as intended.
  • Price: Consider the price of the dongle and whether it is a good value for the features and connectivity options that it offers.
  • Warranty: Check if the dongle comes with a warranty and consider purchasing a dongle with a longer warranty period for added peace of mind.

By considering these factors, you can choose a good USB-C dongle that meets your needs and provides reliable performance.

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